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Character: Cindy

Glass Slipper

A pair of shoes changed her life. Now she's ready to share some of that magic with you.

Everyone adores this classic princess and knows her story well. She encourages all people to show kindness, even in the most difficult of circumstances. She also knows a thing or two about wishing for wonderful things to happen in life and loves to hear about your dreams.
If she is invited to your kingdom you will learn how to dance when attending a royal ball, help find her lost glass slipper, and perhaps get to dream up a perfect gown of your own
(even without the magic of a fairy godmother!)

Under the Sea
Mermaid Princess

Character: Ariel

This mermaid is having so much fun flipping her fins on land!

She loves to share her collection of treasures with new friends... and she may need some help identifying what some of these human "thingamabobs" are! If you help her learn about the human world she will be happy as a clam to teach you how to act like her ocean companions under the sea. This princess has tons of familiar songs prepared for everyone to sing and dance along to, and no sea witch will ever steal her voice again.
It will be a SPLASH to have her join your special day! 

Ice Spirit

Character: Elsa

Love thaws a frozen heart, and some people are worth melting for. 

This extremely popular Queen is sure to be a hit at your next party or event. Get ready to sing your heart out along to all your favorite songs from both of her stories- whether big or small, you can't help belting out her powerful ballades! 
Her adventures teach several lessons about showing true love, having a sibling, and what it means to be proud of what makes you different. She might be able to bring some snow all the way from Arendelle with the use of her ice powers to keep it from melting, of course.