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What is a Special K Princess Party?

Imagine organizing a party or event but wanting to make it something to remember for a life time... do you feel that immediate pressure and stress overwhelming you? Now, imagine making that happen without having to make any effort on your part. Sounds like magic, right?

It is magic! That is the magic of a Special K Princess Party: elevating your birthday party, sleep-over, company event, or any experience to the most memorable moments. Character Performers are professionals at creating an atmosphere that seamlessly transforms your party or event into a dream come true so you can sit back and enjoy the experience with your child, friends, and family.

When you choose a Special K Princess for your party I guarantee that the character you selected will arrive looking and acting exactly like your child's favorite princess from start to finish. Years of dedication, research, training, and love are poured into every single detail to make sure you get the absolute best experience from your worthy investment. Give the gift of cherished memories while supporting local arts in your community by adding a
Special K Princess to your special day!

Who Is Special K?

My name is Kristina Sharp -- that's Kristina spelled with a "K," as I always have to specify when placing my coffee order. 


I have a degree in Vocal Performance & Music Business with over 5 years of Professional Party Princess experience. Additionally, I’ve been a musical theatre kid since grade school and had the privilege of working and interning in some amazing venues. My full-time careers have been all over the music industry, so entertainment, arts administration, and a love for music runs through my veins.

I live in Middle Tennessee but Norway is my birthplace— my husband and I named our cat 𝑶𝒅𝒊𝒏 as homage to these Norse roots.

My mission is to promote arts in the community, bring magic to the mundane, and spread joy like sunbeams. I would love to work with you to make your fairytale come to life!

Want to know more?
Click here to read my interview with The Nashville Voyager,
or reach out with any questions!

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